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let me finish tonight with the stalking of senator hagel. those who don't want this man as pentagon chief will stop at nothing. they're trying to slow the process of his confirmation,
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anything to give them time to find something to bring the man down. question, who are they try king to bring down? is it president obama's pick for secretary of defense? or is it the man the american people have chosen? is it about a confirmation or a desperate push to undermine the president's second term. listen to those attacking senator hagel and you'll hear the yelps of pain, this motley crew of neocons and the sun belt feel. what they hate, despise, really, is the fact that now in the history books, the american people voting in great numbers reject their war-reich jinglistic notions of what america stands for. their problem is with america's choice of who it wants to be president. who it wants to sign. and what we should be doing in this world. obama works for peace. he works hard for it. this crowd has other ideas. and that's "hardball" for now. happy valentine's, everybody. what a day. and thanks for being with us tonight. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now.
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>> thanks, chris: and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, breaking news in an unprecedented, shocking move. republicans have filibustered a final vote on chuck hagel, president obama's pick to head the defense department. just four republicans join 54 democrats to support a vote on the nomination. now, you mugs know this is the first time in american history that a defense secretary nominee has been filibustered. forced to clear a 60 vote threshold. the president himself responded just minutes ago. >> chuck hagel, who, by the way, was a member of the republican caucus, a colleague of all of these folks who the republican leader mitch mcconnell and
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others consistently praised when he was still in the senate, has two purple stars -- two purple hearts, was an extraordinary soldier, was the head of the u.s.o., served on the senate floor relations committee. he is imminently qualified to be secretary of defense. and the notion that we would see an unprecedented filibuster, just about unprecedented. we've never had a secretary of defense filibustered before. there's nothing in the constitution that says that somebody should get 60 votes. the republican minority in the senate seemed to think that the rule now is that you have to have 60 votes for everything. well, that's not the rule. the rule is that you're supposed to have a majority of the hundred senators vote on most bills. the filibuster historically has been used slektively for a handful of issues to extend debate.
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but we don't have a 60-vote rule. and, yet, that's become kmonl practice. this is just the latest example. it's just unfortunate that this kind of politics intrudes at a time when i'm still presiding over a war in afghanistan and i need a secretary of defense who is coordinating with our allies to make sure that our troops are getting the kind of strategy and mission that they deserve. >> republicans are playing politics with national security. it's despicable. it's offensive. it has nothing to do with hagel's qualifications and everything to do with blocking president obama. joining me now are ni nia malika henderson and ryan grim. ryan, let me go to you. does the gop know how to do anything other than say no? i mieean, are they even really governing party? >> well, they're certainly not a
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governing party. you have to win national elections to govern. they're not going to do that. they're not going to be a governing party until they figure out how to do that, win national elections. what mitch mcconnell is good at here is being an advocate for filibuster reform. i was glad to see the president come out and say there is no 60 vote threshold and that most bills, especially secretaries, deserve an up or down vote. if obama had done that during a filibuster debate, then we might not be having this debate right now. the deal harry reid cut with mitch mcconnell is coming back to bite them. they could have gone for a lot more. they backed off. they shook hands again and went with something milder and then boom, he gets clowned two mornts later. >> nia malika, i want to be real clear. the filibuster has been around for decades.
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but its use has exploded in this past few years. in fact, two of the three sessions of congress with the worst filibuster abuse have happened under president obama. so let me just cut to the chase. is the gop's obstruction about policy? or is it just something personal about president obama. >> well, it's probably a little bit of both. it's about policy. it's about this president whose policies they vehemently disagreed with. harry reid had a chance to go for a more full-throated filibuster. but his reasoning was that when the democrats are in the majority -- in the minority and that could happen, this next election, that they want to have that same leverage that republicans have been using with this filibuster reform to block many of the president's actions. but this is a real surprise that hagel has essentially been filibusterd.
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it looks like ult mimately, he will be confirmed. they have been pretty successful in forcing the president's hand to release more information on that. but, ultimately, i think they are giving away some of their standing. they're supposed to be the party of national security, the party of defense in this way by blocking this very important post. i think they're doing some damage -- >> yeah, we're talking about secretary of defense. we're talking about who's going to head the pentagon. and let me tell you this, ryan, tell you how blatantly inconsistent and unprecedented this is. he said in 2005 that presidential nominees shouldn't be filibustered. "i think the president is entitled to an up or down that is a simple majority.
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voter nominations both to his cabinet and to the executive branch and, also, to the judiciary. 2005 up or down vote, nominees for cabinet and judiciary and executive branch. now, he's leading a filibuster, ryan. >> yeah, that easter's exactly . if the republicans want to pick who the cabinet secretaries are, then they have to elect a president. they didn't win the presidential election, therefore, they -- i guess they should be thankful he's picking a republican. john mccain said earlier this is partly about benghazi but it's also about the simple fact that they don't like chuck hagel. they said they don't like him.
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mccain said you can disagree without being disagreeable and ha hagel is disz agreeable. >> they don't like him, but he was a republican senator. and they've smeared him. you would think this guy is somebody they didn't know. he was one of their own. a republican senator. listen to the thirngs they've been saying about him. >> we saw with his nomination, something truly extraordinary, which is the government to iran formally and publically, praising the desense secretary. that is unpres dented. >> i'd say he's endorsed by them. but you can't get any cozier than this. >> we do not know, for example, if he received compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme
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or radical groups. >> i mean, this is outrageous stuff here. is this a smear? or is this trying to weaken him so he can't do his job. >> i think it's all of the above. in that extension, you have a man who has two purple hearts for his service in vietnam. and, in that instance, you did have mccain stepping forward saying you've gone a little too far in terms of trying to impugn his character. mccain and hagel used to be a band of brothers. you saw obama refused to endorse mccain in 2008. you have harry reid saying this isn't high school? well, yes, it is. and it feels very personal and petty. >> hagel came out against the
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war in iraq and he's appointed president obama in 2008. that's when he became all of this bad stuff. before that, they were all peas in a pod. let me ask you this, ryan, with only moments left, how does the president deal with this now? does this change in how he deals with the senate, in your judgment? >> i don't know. if they really do believe he's a mole who is waging jihad, why didn't they tell us about this when he was in the senate so you can root him out at that point? but it's too late. the time to change the senate rules has passed. unless they want to do it in the middle of the session.
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ryan and nia malika, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> ahead, the nra ceo's despicable response to the president's call for gun control. i want to know where the gop leadership is? i'll talk about it with my very special guest, kerry kennedy. plus, the right wing talkers think nothing is wrong. nothing. with this 102-year-old woman waiting for hours to vote. well, i'm calling them out tonight. and you know it was coming, the late night comedians have a field day with rubio's water fail. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> don't worry, senator rubio.
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have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. everyone is talking about president obama's push to increase the minimum wage. johnny says raising the hourly rage is a step in the right direction. chris says raising the minimum wage helps the 47%.
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and carol says i say it's time to put the senate and congress on minimum wage. coming up, more on the minimum wage battle ahead. what's your take? share it with us. please head over to facebook and search "politics nation" and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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president obama was back on the road today skoolting t ischp on a better america and selling his plan to level the playing
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field for low-income and middle class americans. he visited an early childhood education facility in georgia promoting his plan to invest and expand in our country's kids and our country's future. one little boy even asked him are you our teacher? >> this is like i spy. i remember ie spy. >> all right, let's see. >> who wouldn't want to help kids like this? who could possibly be against this? how about speaker boehner? he says getting involved in early childhood education is, "a good way to screw it up". wow. if they're against 4-year-olds, you can imagine what they think about president obama's call to raise the minimum wage.
3:19 pm
>> minimum wage laws have never worked. >> i've never been a fan of that idea. i think it's inflationary. it is actually counter productive in many ways. >> at a time when american people are skgs where are the job, why would we want to make it harder for smaller jobs to hire people? >> in the greatest nation on earth, we shouldn't be fighting about helping kids in america. this is basic. and the republican response is pathetic. joining me now, salon's john walsh, joan walsh's writing about the president's education plan. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. i want to start with this minimum wage. they have a problem with raising it.
3:20 pm
it's madness to me. >> it's madness. it's an anti-poverty program that doesn kostz the government anything. it doesn't do enough, but it's a great start. if the federal minimum wage kept pace with inflation since the 6 1960s, it would be up to $15. and we've neglected this way to help people. for republicans that are always rallying against the increase in federal aid to low income families, to oppose this, it's really counter intuitive. they're really saying we're not interested in helping low income families anyway. >> jonathan, the gop has become known for attacking those
3:21 pm
welfare and food stamps. take a listen to this. >> we don't want to turn this safety net into a hammock. >> self reliance means if anyone will not work, neither should he eat. we need people working with jobs, not saving food stamps. >> they have no habilitates of working and have nobody around him who works. teach a man how to fish, he can feed himself for life. don't simply feed fish. >> now they want to take people off of government aid from young, early childhood education. all the way to minimum age. so you don't want to get anything from the government and you don't want to help make them ind peb dent. it just doesn't make sense. but it is in keeping in the overall republican party view
3:22 pm
that, you know, they're about business. speaker boehner's argue is that it would then make it difficult for businesses to hire people because it would then become more expensive. it's this weird, vicious cycle that ends up having poor, working class people end up getting nothing from all of the hard work that they're doing. >> exactly. and, joan, just so that we're clear, the reason the president wants to raise minimum wage, a single parent with one child working full time, if the parent is working full time, at minimum wage now earns just $14,500. the poverty line is $15,130. how is that right?
3:23 pm
how is that right in anybody's world? >> it's not. and the american people know it's not. so this two proposal, as well as raising the minimum wage, they're incredibly popular. they're at two-thirds of the american people support these programs, the republicans are running against that popular tide. but as jonathan said, it's more pornt for them to caterer to their wealthy audience. and they're really going toward a situation. we know they don't care about this. but we know when they raise the minimum wage, there's a negligible effect. we're not raising it that much, to be honest. it doesn't have a inflationary effect. over the years, we've seen that research shows that everything that they've warned about when we raise the minimum wage, it
3:24 pm
doesn't come to pass. >> well, talking about research, jonathan, we checked. speaker boehner, he's more than 224,000 sdlars a year. >> if you want to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour, that's extra money in the pockets of people who aren't going to take that money and save it and sit on it. these are people who are going to take that money and use it to buy food, buy groceries, pay the rent, buy clothing for their children, buy clothing for themselves. i.e., spend money in the local economy. republicans talk about grout all of the time. this is a sure fire way to
3:25 pm
improve local economies, improve state economies. when you do that, you pull families up a little further out of poverty. when it kochls to early childhood education, there's an incredible stat that the white house put out. 42% of children who are born to parents who are poor are likely to stay poor. 23 you want to improve the lives of the american people, you have got to -- you've got to spend money on it. and spending money on pre-school education is a sure fire way of ensuring that the future generations rise out of poverty. >> and it's an investment in the country. joe, jonathan is right. they spend their money in the economy. and you said, it's not that much money we're talking about. but it means the difference in their lives. and they're not going to be sending this money to the caymen islands.
3:26 pm
they barely have enough to go to coney island. >> right. i9's a stimulus program, too, and it doesn't cost us anything. >> joan walsh, jonathan capehart, thank you both for your time this evening. ahead, the nra just responded to president obama. they deserve a vote. and it was nothing short of disgusting. >> first, the right wing talkers have no issue with a 102-year-old woman waiting in line for hours to vote. she's a lhero, but not to the right. my response is next.
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in president obama's state of the union, he talked about ordinary americans doing extraordinary things. and one woman's story really stood out. >> we should follow the example of a north miami woman named desaline victor. when desaline arrived at her
3:31 pm
polling place, she was told the wait to vote might be six hours. and as time ticked by, her concern was not with her tired body or aching feet, but whether folks like her would get to have their say. >> hour after hour, a throne of people in line supported her. desaline is 102 years old. and they erupted in cheers when she put on a sticker that said, "i voted." >> 102-year-old desaline victor got a standing ovation. she's a hero. but that's not how they saw it over at fox. >> listen, that 102-year-old woman should not be online. >> why not? what's the big deal? >> what else is she doing. >> she was happy. she waited on line. she was happy that she was there to vote.
3:32 pm
>> what was she a victim of? >> what was she a victim of? are they serious? they made it hard for people like desaline to vote. lines kept more than 200,000 people have voting at all. luckily, desalnie was able to make her voice heard and she received a hero's welcome this week. but did the gangs at fox think we'd let them get away with saying this story was no big deal? nice try, but we got you. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard.
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i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! the nra is going from bad to worse. from clueless to offensive. just moments ago, nra president wayne lapierre said this in response to the president's state of the union address.
3:36 pm
>> it's not about keeping kids safe at school. that wasn't even mentioned in the president's speech. they only care about their decade's long, decade's old gun control agenda. ban every gun they can. tax every gun sold and register every american gun owner. the president is taking the art of public deception and manipulation to a whole new level on this one. >> public deception and manipulation? unbelievable. lapierre went onto blastz universal background check which an overwhelming number of americans support, including gun owners. >> his proposal for a so-called universal background check, at first glance, it sounds like a reasonable, good idea.
3:37 pm
but there's nothing universal about it at all. think about it. criminals woent be part of that universe. sna's common sense, they'll steal their guns or they'll get them in everything else they want on the black market. >> common sense. how about nonsense? president of the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights. last week, she stood with martin luther king, iii and invoked her own power 68 history to demand action on gun violence. >> i was four years old when my uncle, president kennedy, was killed by a man with a gun. i was eight years old when my father, too, was gunned down.
3:38 pm
it is almost impossible of describing the pain to losing your father to a senseless murder. or the anger and fear of knowing that that murder might have been avoided if only our leaders had acted to stop the violence. we've lost more than a million americans to gun violence. in the last two months since sandy hook, we've lost 1600 more, including 26 children. in 1968, in the wake of my father's and martin luther king's assassinations, we mourned as a nation and so did members of congress. but they also took action and passed gun control lj slags when our nation needed it. >> kerry u it's an honor to have you here. you know, i watched you in the press conference with mark and when i hear lapierre calling the
3:39 pm
president's campaign on guns a charade, what is your reaction to that? >> well, first of all, as you heard in that clip, last week, 1600. as of today, i went and looked this up. this is insanity. this is what's insanity. and you know, 74% of the members of the nra itself agree -- support universal background checks. it's just wayne lapierre and his corporation cronies who are against this. >> we have got to fight them. >> and then he's using every fear tactic and trying to push buttons. he wrote this bizarre, offensive piece in the daily caller saying -- and i'm quoting the piece.
3:40 pm
after hurricane sandy, the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia. there was no food, water, electricity. and if you wanted to walk several miles and get supplies, you better get back before dark or you might not get home at all. what is he tauxing about? latin american drug games have invaded every city of significant size in the united states. so latinos, rye yots, they're coming to get you. this is shameless. >> well, it's fear mongering. and it's also actually untrue. that did not happen in brooklyn after the hurricane. so it is fear mongering. and it's the type of thing we really have to stop. he has spent his entire career trying to stop the sensible gun
3:41 pm
controls. as i said in 1968 after martin luther king and malcolm x, congress came together and passed reasonable gun legislation. he fought and fought and fought to take that back. and he's been successful. and then, ten years ago, when the clinton administration and andrew quomo, in particular, brought smith and wesson to the table and they were agreeing to put child safety mechanisms onto triggers, wayne lapierre just desz crated them. it was his campaign and it was success chl. that's why these kids can pick up a gun and use it today. >> i remember i was about nine when your uncle kennedy was killed. and then, in '68, dr. king
3:42 pm
killed and your father in june. and there was action taken. now we're seeing all of these killings, the newtown, chicago, and there's no legislative sponsz. for you to call the nation's attention to that, i think it was a great wake-up call. >> i appreciate that. we had martin luther king, as you pointed out. and so many families of people from virginia tech and the others. one of the mothers from virginia tech was really strong. and what she said is real courage is not standing up to the nra. real courage is standing in a classroom as a kid, as a guy comes through with a kbun and starts shooting all of your classmates and having the guts, as her daughter did, to get on the phone and talk to the police and bring them to the site. that's courage.
3:43 pm
>> 92% of americans say they support background checks. >> i absolutely agree. and we need to -- we need to let the gun owners across our country need to let their senators know where they feel and let their congress know stand. i will vote for you and i will would recollect for you. but you have to pass this legislation.
3:44 pm
>> now, you've been petitioning the ewe began that parliament to end the bill. tell me how it's going and how viewers can get involved? >> it's the anti-homosexual bill which would make it punishable by life in prison without parole on the first offense. we have a valentine's day kamt pain, it's valentine's day today, and just go to the rfk web siet and we'll show you how to get involved. and i hope you'll sign as well. >> i'm going to do it today, for valentine es. >> all right. thank you. thank you for your time, always an honor to have you.
3:45 pm
we'll be right back.
3:46 pm
up next, rubio's epic swing and a miss goes late night. you need to see this. aspirin, really?
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we're back with more fallout from senator marco rubio's gulp. there's all kinds of material.
3:49 pm
>> no, no, no, don't wipe. you're only drawing attention to -- no, don't forget the spin dal. the driver can't and will. well, as long as you don't lunge. oh, let me tell you from experience. it is not easy being on tv. i mean, you've got the sweltering lights, you've got the audience, you've got the cameras, you know. now you're being watched by millions. >> why was the water so far away? it would have been less awkward if he reached down the front of his pants to get it. >> a true professional knows you just cover your probably always maintaining eye contact with the home viewer. and connecting with the aud yensz. >> it would have been less
3:50 pm
awkward, had he been wearing one of these on his head. >> so i got him. my lips were just so hmm. >> no one would notice. you know -- >> let's bring in torey and victoria defrancesco soto. tore, was this just a dream come true for the comedians? >> well, absolutely. you beat all of those professional comedians when you brought out the huge poland spring. look at you, just crushing it. but we take so much just based
3:51 pm
on body language. it's the way that he reached for it. service so awkward and so the opposite of being an alpha male. if he would just turn his whole body, grab it like a man, swig it up and we would be like chris christy keeps it real. >> he's dipping and diving and he just looked bizarre. >> well, victoria, we woent ever forget that swig. but it is obscure in a more serious discussion we should be having about mr. rubio, isn't it? i mean, in many ways, he's getting away with some of the most outrageous policy stuff by us talking about the swig. >> you're right, reverend. it was incredibly awkward. however, to be fair to rubio, his spanish rebuttal was a lot
3:52 pm
less awkward. in terms of what this means for the gop, they've not let this be a fa talt flop. that they're coming to his defense. it doesn't have the time or frankly ability to build a bridge to the community. >> now, to rerks y, let me ask you this bill o'reilly is out raged saying the media has covered this wrong. >> when there is a legitimate point that the left fears, they divert attention. that's what happened in this case. diverting attention from rubio's speech. this is so foolish.
3:53 pm
but does it show desz prags on the part of the left? to actually high light this. >> what does it show? >> they laughed about the left teasing rubio. so they are focused on us focusing on rubio drinking. so they're actually focusing much attention on it, as well. but there's nothing for the lefts left to be afraid of. why would we be afraid of that? a nice chunk of 47% of america is ready to vote for that speech and lose another election. >> and when people do things, we were mocking. >> but the thing is, if they put marco rubio and he can't defend
3:54 pm
immigration reform any better than that, just giving some personal an ek doets that he lives in the community, that's not going to be fluff to sell immigration reform to that group. >> victoria, let's talk about his middle class ties and say he lives in the same middle class neighborhood he grew up in. senator rubio is selling that middle class home and is on the market for $675,000. >> that is a bit of a stretch when it comes to being in the middle class. and i keep coming back to the issue of substance with rubio.
3:55 pm
>> woe care about immigration, but we also care about the economy. we care about education. there has to be something there. right now, there's no one there. >> it's just the party at this point against everything. is that the person you heard give a speech? that's not the speech i heard. the whole gop seems to be like clint eastwood yelling at a chair that does not actually exist. >> he obviously needed a sip of water. thank you for your time tonight. and catch torey on "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up, love is in the air. the republicans are sending out
3:56 pm
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